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Tank Bracelet, circa 1940

6 400 €

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18K Gold (750/1000) Tank Bracelet, circa 1940.

Beautiful 18K gold Tank bracelet. It is very pleasant to wear because it is flat inside. It is very beautifully made. Note the presence of a safety chain. 

Length (cm) 18,5 (can be resized)
Width 1,6
Weight 50,90 g

We deliver a certificate of authenticity

Please notice that our images are not photoshopped, we use a daylight environment (copyright - Heritage de France)

The jewel comes in a beautiful gift box


Ref. #4129
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The jewel of the 40s – The tank period 

Due to the beginning of the Second World War in 1939, platinum was rare and gold became the metal used by jewelers. Pink gold was often used as well as other color variations of gold to give an effect of contrast (yellow and pink gold).

A new trend is asserting itself and new jewels are making their appearance, the time is for exuberance and imposing creations that emerges from the workshops of the creators. We remain in the abstraction of Art Deco, even if representations of nature survive here and there. 

Large and heavy geometrical gold bracelets, oversized earrings and imposing rings are visible side by side in the windows of the great jewelers of the Rue de la Paix

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