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Tank Jewelry

Antique jewelry

They were said to be outdated, too wide, too heavy... Tank jewelry has become a source of inspiration for the greatest creators of Haute Joaillerie! Their simple and powerful lines are of a rare beauty. What could be more elegant than a red gold Tank bracelet worn casually in jeans and a white shirt?

The materials and techniques used have enabled these jewels to stand the test of time. They generally only need a slight repolishing to regain their beautiful youth...

Due to the beginning of the Second World War, platinum is becoming scarce and gold is once again becoming the metal of jewelers. It is often used in pink, sometimes red (when the copper content is increased) and creators use these variations in gold color to give contrast effects (yellow to red gold). This new fashion is asserting itself and new jewels are appearing, the time is ripe for exuberance and imposing creations are emerging from the designers' workshops. We can still feel the influence of the abstraction of Art-Déco, even if representations of nature reappear here and there: large and heavy Tank bracelets in yellow or pink gold often with large geometric links, oversized Tank earrings and imposing rings (the famous Tank rings) are found side by side in the windows of the rue de la Paix. Indeed, the greatest jewelry designers are at the forefront of the Tank trend. You can find splendid Tank bracelets or rings at René Boivin, Raymond Templier or Suzanne Belperron.

Impressive stones are often set in Tank jewelry. Important diamonds set in the centre of heavy rings are found. The paving stones are often a mixture of diamonds and rubies (sometimes synthetic rubies called Verneuil).

here is a selection of Tank jewels available in our jewelry store in Paris

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Diamond Tank Ring

4 800 €

Aquamarine and Diamond Tank Ring

3 800 €

Tank Bracelet 1940

9 800 €

Citrine Tank ring

1 500 €

Diamond Tank Ring

2 400 €

Diamond Tank ring

2 650 €

Diamonds Tank Ring

3 900 €

Tank Bracelet 1940

6 500 €

Tank Bracelet Watch, circa 1940

6 500 €

Large Tank Bracelet, circa 1940

12 300 €

Tank Bracelet, circa 1940

6 400 €

Diamond Tank Ring

2 600 €

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