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French legislation concerning the sale and purchase of gold

The purchase and sale of gold is highly regulated in France. Since February 2017, legislation has evolved to simplify the process and better protect the seller: You must have identification papers at the time of the transaction.
We can only make payment by cheque (cash payment is prohibited). You have a 48-hour withdrawal period.

For any sale of gold in excess of €5,000, a flat-rate tax of 6.5% applies to the sale of jewelry or 11.5% to the sale of unassembled gold coins, ingots or debris.
We collect the tax on behalf of the state and then pay it, which means you have no returns to make and no taxes to pay.

The entire procedure is of course free of charge, whether you accept or reject our offer to purchase. All the expertise is done in front of you so that you can follow each step and we answer your questions about our operating procedure. If you have any questions about the sale of your gold or jewelry, feel free to call or email us, we will answer them as soon as possible. We can study the pictures of your gold jewelry. This can give you an approximate idea of the interest we could take in them and a potential estimate of their value.
You can send us your photos (as clear as possible...) to A little tip: place your jewelry next to a millimeter ruler. I

f you have a large number of gold jewelry to appraise, it is preferable to call us in advance to make an appointment because the procedure is likely to take a little time.
Our opening hours and contact details are available here.