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Engagement rings

At Heritage de France we know that choosing an engagement ring is difficult because it has a heavy symbolic burden. There are as many possibilities and desires as there are fiancées! To each one the ring of his/her dreams! However, from dream to reality, the path is sometimes a little tortuous... We do everything we can to help future engaged couples find THE right ring.  
When you come to Héritage de France, it's because you're looking for a unique engagement ring. Indeed, we only make exceptional products, which means that the old or second-hand rings we offer are unique pieces, some of which have lasted more than a century. Rest assured, however, that we will give all our antique jewelry to our workshop so that it can be checked and restored if necessary. Each antique or second-hand piece of jewelry is re-polished and the settings of the stones are tightened.

We choose precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies with the greatest care. We are diamond dealers and come from a family of diamond dealers. This allows us to appraise with great precision the diamonds we buy and offer to our customers. We proceed with the same rigor to the expertise of all the other stones, and we also have a large number of stones that we have recovered from old jewels that are too damaged to be restored.

We can offer you creations from these old stones which are often of great beauty and cut the old way, which gives them a crazy charm!
In addition, if you have an antique stone, we can make the engagement ring of your dreams... We have a lot of small old-cut diamonds to mount with you center stone.

Here is a selection of engagement rings available in our jewelry store in Paris

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1,01 ct Solitaire Diamond Ring

8 800 €


Pompadour Diamond Ring

Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring

2 800 €

Vintage Bombe Diamond Ring

2 800 €

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

6 800 €

Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring

2 800 €

Solitaire Diamond Ring

8 700 €

Art Deco Diamond Band Ring

3 900 €

Gold and Diamond Ring

2 700 €

Flower Diamond and Sapphire Ring

6 700 €

Diamond Cluster Ring

8 400 €

Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

21 000 €

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