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Art-nouveau jewelry

Antique jewelry

Art-nouveaux jewelry is rare. The Art-Nouveau period generally lasted only a handful of years but left some pieces of jewelry to take your breath away.

At that time, naturism ( jewelry inspired by a fantasized representation of nature) or modern style was in vogue. It reverses preconceived ideas about what a piece of jewelry should be at the end of the 19th century and therefore breaks with a classicism that has become weary and that we find dusty. We want artists' jewelry, unique pieces that surprise by their modernity. New techniques for making jewelry appear such as the picnic, for example, which allows light to pass through and colors like a stained glass window.

Impressive Art-Nouveau brooches representing dragonflies, butterflies or other insects hang on to jackets or coats. We also wear large pendants hung on long necklaces 2 meters long and wrapped around the neck. Precious stones are sublimated, diamonds whether cut in old or rose cut to bring lightness, emeralds and their green palette, rubies from dark pink to the most intense red and all fine stones adorn Art-Nouveau gemstones in a fireworks display of colors and brilliance.

Nature is represented in all its forms and sublimated by highly talented craftsmen. Insects, plants, flowers, reptiles, everything becomes a subject for artists. Art-Nouveau is a great playground for creators who enjoy themselves and express their fantasy without limits. When you look closely at Art-Nouveau jewelry, you can see the precision of the techniques and the work of the goldsmiths. The enamels are of an astonishing finesse and the palette of colors used to represent nature is close to that of a painter. The sunflowers are bright yellow, the leaves are deep green to lightest. The creators of Art-Nouveau are having fun and it shows. They sublimate the body of the woman often depicted naked and drowned in a rich and luxuriant nature.

During the 1900 World Fair, the jewelers Sandoz, Boucheron and René Lalique were very successful. Their names will remain engraved in the history of jewelry. Even today, collectors all over the world are still competing for their creations, whose prices can reach surprising amounts...
However, this movement would soon get tired of it because, as early as 1902, it was the victim of virulent criticism from many artists who accused it of being content to represent nature. Art-Nouveau quickly seems silly. We call it the noodle style (l'Art-Nouille). That is to say.....

Here is a selection of Art-Nouveau jewels available among our antique jewels in our jewelry in Paris

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Diamond and Emerald Pompadour Ring

8 700 €

Toi et Moi Diamond Ring

3 900 €

Dormeuses Diamond Earrings

2 250 €

Antique Gold and Diamond Bracelet

4 900 €

Antique Gold Bracelet

1 900 €

Dormeuses Diamond Earrings

8 400 €

Antique Gold Chain

2 400 €

Toi et Moi Diamond Ring

4 900 €

Pompadour Diamond and Natural Pearl Ring

8 800 €


Dormeuses Daisy Diamond Earrings

Antique Marquise Diamond Ring

5 800 €

Daisy Diamond and Natural Pearl Ring

3 800 €

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