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75 015 PARIS

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Second-hand earrings

Recent jewelry

The second-hand earrings sold by Héritage de France are all checked and restored if the need arises. We call used earrings, "modern" rings, i.e. rings made about after the 1980s. They do not seem old enough to us to be called vintage earrings (it is a bias, but it is necessary to take one...) and even less old earrings...

Of course, as they are second-hand earrings, they have been worn but we do everything possible to remove the slight traces of wear (micro-scratches) and reinforce all the settings of precious stones if there are any. Our purchasing and quality control procedure requires us to verify that each used jewel in general and each used earring in particular does not present any fragility that could cause problems over time...

Used earrings can be signed (Cartier, Boucheron, Chaument, Fred, etc.). In this case, we check the signatures and numbers when the rings are numbered.

Here is a selection of used earrings available in our jewelry store in Paris

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Diamond Earrings

1 800 €

Diamond and Pearl Pendant Earrings

4 800 €


Clip on Earrings

Gold Vintage Earrings

1 600 €

Art Deco Diamond Earrings

8 500 €

BOUCHERON - Vintage Ring

1 200 €


Antique Earrings


Diamond Earrings

Antique Diamond and Lapis Earrings

5 400 €

Diamond and Pearl Pendant Earrings

3 600 €


Vintage Diamond Earrings


Dormeuses Diamond Earrings

Résultats 1 à 12 sur 25