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Art-Deco Jewelry

Antique jewelry

Art-Deco when you got us!
Art-Deco crosses times and fashions with disconcerting ease... its simple and pure lines are still today of an incredible modernity and still a source of inspiration for creators of all stripes. The Art-Deco jewel is a must-have because it can be worn in town as well as in the evening...
Breaking with Art-Nouveau and giving in to the desire for simplicity, symmetry and aesthetic order, this movement emerged and became stronger from the 1910s onwards, but it was after the First World War, in 1925, during the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris that Art-deco was established. The modern woman wears modern jewelry! No more "noodle" style of Art-Nouveau, no more Belle Epoque, its representation of nature and its arabesques. Make way for the Art-Déco!
The new Art-Deco jewelry is set with precious or semi-precious stones that were previously unused. Their sizes are just as original, they follow the geometric shapes of clothing and accessories. And platinum is a must!
Great jewelers design jewellery with pure lines. Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef and Arpels, Mauboussin or Templier are at the forefront of the creativity of these years. Today, collectors all over the world are competing for their creations. Jewels signed by great designers are rare for sale and every time a beautiful Art-Deco jewel created by René Boivin or Suzanne Belperron is put on sale, it is a madness that seizes the amateurs.
Beautiful Art-Deco jewelry in good condition is rare. Nevertheless, we do our best to present you with copies of the timeless Art-Deco ring with its beautiful geometric lines. These rings are surprisingly modern because they can be worn on any occasion and match perfectly with other styles of jewelry or clothing. Worn Casual or in the evening, they are always in agreement. Art-Deco rings, very paved with diamonds, may seem difficult to wear on a daily basis, but their "fantasy" aspect makes them perfect to match a casual look....
Here is a selection of Art-Déco jewelry available in our antique jewelry store in Paris

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Art Deco Diamond Band Ring

4 450 €

Art-Deco Pearl Necklace

2 500 €


Diamond Art Deco Cluster Ring

Diamond Art Deco Double Cluster Ring

5 600 €

Diamond Art Deco Bracelet

8 800 €

Diamond Art Deco Cluster Ring

3 900 €

Pearl and Diamond Art-Deco Ring

2 200 €

Art Nouveau Diamond Pendant

1 450 €

Art Deco Diamond Earrings

8 500 €


Diamond Art Deco Cluster Ring

Diamond Art Deco Double Cluster Ring

13 800 €

Diamond and Onyx Art Deco Ring

4 450 €

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