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Diamond creations

Jewelry creations

We collect a lot of diamonds from antique jewelry or recent jewelry that we consider damaged or irreparable. These diamonds are by their cut witnesses of their time. The oldest cuts have fewer facets and their proportions do not correspond to today's criteria, and that's good! Each old cut diamond has its own character, its brilliance, its charm, whereas modern cut diamonds all look alike. Moreover, today's cut diamonds reflect 100% of the light through their table, which is dazzling. Antique cut diamonds, on the other hand, allow light to pass through and therefore invite the observer to see its facets, its color, its material...

We therefore use diamonds from all eras to make jewelry in our workshop. Our jewelry is handmade in platinum or 18K gold.
We also make creations in precious stones.

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1,01 ct Solitaire Diamond Ring

8 800 €


Pompadour Diamond Ring

Solitaire Diamond Ring

8 700 €

Diamond Cluster Ring

8 400 €

Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

21 000 €

Solitaire Diamond Ring

12 800 €

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

4 400 €


Diamond Trilogy Ring 2,05ct total

Diamond Necklace

2 650 €

4,41 ct Solitaire Diamond Ring

42 800 €

White Gold and Diamond Ring

1 450 €


Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring

Résultats 1 à 12 sur 18