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Napoleon III Jewelry

Antique jewelry

At Héritage de France, we love Naploéon III period jewelry! A must in antique jewelry!

They are surprisingly light and so beautiful to wear... They delight lovers of antique jewelry by their resolutely antique appearance but paradoxically they have a modern side. Indeed, to observe the symmetry of the lines and the balance of the whole...there are in the Napoleon III jewels the first fruits of the Art-Deco. The main specificity, in our opinion, lies in the materials. Napoleon III jewels are often set with diamonds in silver and not in platinum as they will be later. The silver is deliberately blackened and contrasts with the brilliance of diamonds...sublime!
The gold used is pink or even red. It is an 18 kt gold with an increased copper content to give it a warm appearance that blends wonderfully well with blackened silver.
The patterns are often classic. There are insects (bumblebees, bees, dragonflies, etc.) and diamond-paved flowers whose leaves are either paved or finely chiseled.

It is also the period of the sublime Napoleon III trembleuse brooch, whose stem and leaves are fixed but the top is mounted on a spring system. These brooches often have several flowers of different sizes that sparkle with a thousand lights when the brooch starts to vibrate at the slightest movement of the body. These shaking spindles are highly sought after by collectors when they are complete, in good condition and in their original case. Which is rare...
Napoleon III bracelets are also surprisingly modern. They are mostly rigid and paved with diamonds on top. They come in all sizes and are easy to wear "casual" in a casual style.

Here is a selection of Napoleon III jewels available in our jewelry store

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Antique Cuff Bracelet

3 400 €

Napoléon III Cuff Bracelet

4 400 €


Antique Diamond and Ruby Bracelet

Napoléon III Cuff Bracelet

3 200 €

Antique Cuff Bracelet

3 600 €

Belle epoque Diamond Pendant / Brooch

3 700 €

Napoléon III Cuff Bracelet

3 800 €

Pompon earrings

1 800 €

Diamond Crescent Moon Brooch

5 500 €

Antique Diamonds Brooch-Pendant

7 800 €

Antique pendant earrings

2 400 €

Antique Bracelet

1 400 €

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